What is the longest you have gone without bathing?

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Status quo

3rd April 2008
18:16 PM IST (yes, we are in a half-hour timezone.. ytf is that funny?)

  • free movement of goods and services
  • no-bathing-before-sunset week
  • precursor to no-bathing week (eww would be appropriate here)
  • the beginning of the end of the beginning as far as work is concerned
  • reading random blogs inspired me to create one.. again
  • show-me-the-money month
  • precursor to show-me-more-money year
  • craving new company
  • craving certain old company (aww would be appropriate here)
  • craving the beach
  • put the two together already
  • retractile foreskin (felt like something completely inappropriate and totally random)
  • "..pakeezah se rishte.." .. so they say
  • "..volcanoes melt you down.." .. they so do
feel free to consider yourself intellectually challenged if the title does not make sense even after the first short in the list :P


another wanderer said...

i likes :)

and thank you for ur comment(s) on my blog... keep performing such random acts of kindness

another wanderer said...

tho in any case i liked the batman comment more, but it refuses to get published.

Garima Sood said...

Hey... you've got an interesting blog here... something different...

Monish said...

surprisingly creative... good surprise.

genenerd said...

Yawn! something new.. why do I happen to know all this redundant info.. :P.. well I have a short attention span.. so get ur act together.. pronto!