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Friday, April 11, 2008

27% of this is just sad

  • 27% of our intellectual properties have been deemed out of bounds
  • 27% of all that was meritocratic has now been made unattainable
  • 27% of what was ours has now been made theirs

  • will that 27% ever wake up and say, let us fight our own battles and truly feel 'equal'?
  • will that 27% demand the same treatment when it steps out into the global marketplace?
  • will that 27% cast their votes to the hand that feeds them?

on the other hand

  • they do recognize that a person becomes 'educationally forward' once he or she passes out from a university and cannot claim the same benefit
  • they do recognize that there are those who are privileged among the backward and hence the creamy layer cannot claim the same benefit
  • Justice Bhandari says "Reservation is an unreasonable restriction that infringes this right by destroying the autonomy and essence of an unaided institution" and hence those entering unaided institutes cannot claim the same benefit
  • increasing the seats at the IITs to accommodate the additional students essentially leaves regular students competing for the same number of seats

like I said, 27% of this is sad ... the other 73% actually makes sense ... both for the ones directly impacted and of course for the ones that will reap the maximum benefits of this judgment in the coming election year.

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