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Thursday, April 3, 2008

cant get enuf of

  • deepi (+yuvi, -yuvi, x ranbir.. dont give a phuk)
  • "aye hip hopper.."
  • google (if only they wud have bought facebook, my life wud have been simpler)
  • bunking gym.. yus
  • working non-stop.. yus
  • lazing non-stop.. yus
  • saying "yus"
  • wake up calls
  • midnight coffee runs (where i drink tea)
  • english tea with khari and toast-with-rasins (khari in the afternoon.. not at midnight.. weirdo)
  • how can i 4get.. my boxer shorts :D .. yus, i indulge in self-branding


another wanderer said...

1. ok...thanks again (no, i dont say that everytime someone flatters my blog...only the first three times..)

2. i loved all your posts (its easy to say that since there are only two)

3. and if i knew how to, i would hve blog rolled u.. but alas...

P.S. your word verifications are very difficult... right now i can see something that i think looks like : yexkrzpf . Last time it was hdsjhjldsfscd (ok i made that up).

another wanderer said...

Ok…just to clarify things before you venture further into my blog: 96 percent of it is NOT funny. Out of which 90 percent is not meant to be funny.

About the adult blog thingie, it doesn’t matter, I still have to word verify. Though here I might give you the benefit of doubt since I am not too sure.

And if you know how to blogroll, send me a step by step guide on blog rolling for dummies. I shall consider…

BTW, as you can see, I havent used 123 or abc and im trying really hard not to use brackets ) ok i give up

As for anand, I shall convey the msg to him